DCP 136 and DCP 150 (15-month notice period for some CDCM input data)

by Franck Latrémolière on Thursday 18 April 2013

DCP 136 and DCP 150 are approved changes to the DCUSA which, together, oblige DNOs to give 15 months notice of changes to the following input data to the CDCM model:

DCP 134 puts similar notice requirements on the definition of the red, amber and green time bands.

Documents (all PDF):

Obvious loophole: table 1060

The DCP 136 and DCP 150 notice requirements do not apply to table 1060 (proportion of assets deemed covered by contributions that would be made through connection charges under the current connection charging policy).

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I do not think that UKPN LPN gave 15 months notice of this change, and even once DCP 136 and DCP 150 are in force a similar change without much notice would be permissible because table 1060 (estimated customer contribution percentages) is not included in the datasets covered by DCP 136 and DCP 150. Why not, you might ask? Ah, well, apparently there is an ongoing DCMF MIG review of these matters...