Ofgem determinations on distribution charges and terms

by Franck Latrémolière

This page was last updated on 5 September 2017. The lists are not complete and might not reflect the current position. E&OE.

This page contains lists of published Ofgem decisions, determinations and derogations related to distribution charges and terms. I have obtained the documents from Ofgem's library (which is staffed with helpful people) and from Ofgem's electronic public register website.

Connection offers and charges
I have not tried to go back beyond about 2006.
Use of system charges
EDCM derogations:

CDCM derogations (incomplete):
There are more derogations against the CDCM.

Determination in favour of a customer, about the interpretation of old DNO charging statements about the calculation of exceeded capacity charges caused by reactive power flows.
Third party access / licence-exempt networks
Ofgem decision that the "Citiworks" obligation of a licence-exempt distribution network to allow third-party access can be enforced on the UKPN company "UKPNS" that manages the high-voltage network at Heathrow airport. The electricity network operator had argued that it was only working for the airport and therefore that it had no direct obligation to help a customer on the network switch suppliers.
Dispute started in 2012. Decision dated 31 March 2014 but first seen on an Ofgem website in May 2014. Quashed by the High Court in November 2014.
Decision dated 21 April 2015, first seen on an Ofgem website in June 2015.

Ofgem decision about responsibilities for power distribution networks (rising and lateral mains) in blocks of flats. Ofgem has also published submissions from three London local authorities:
Connection terms