Distributor information

by Franck Latrémolière

Distributors by status

Active DNOs:

Active IDNOs: Eclipse, Energy Assets, ESP, Fulcrum, GTC ENC, GTC IPNL, HEN, Indigo, Last Mile, LENL, Mua, Optimal, UKPD, Vattenfall.

Prospective and/or new distribution licensees: AEN, Aidien. Aurora, EIN, IDCS, UAL.

Unlicensed distributors with published information: SHP.

Dead distribution licenses: EA EAPN, Shetland Link, UKPN IDNO.

Licensed distributors by MPAN prefix

10: Eastern Power Networks.
11: NGED East Midlands.
12: London Power Networks.
13: SP Manweb.
14: NGED West Midlands.
15: Northern Powergrid Northeast.
16: Electricity North West.
17: Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution.
18: SP Distribution.
19: South Eastern Power Networks.
20: Southern Electric Power Distribution.
21: NGED South Wales.
22: NGED South West.
23: Northern Powergrid Yorkshire.
24: Independent Power Networks.
25: ESP Electricity.
26: Last Mile.
27: Electricity Network Company.
28: UKPN IDNO (dead).
29: Harlaxton Energy Networks.
30: Leep Electricity Networks.
31: UK Power Distribution.
32: Energy Assets.
33: Eclipse.
34: Mua.
35: Fulcrum.
36: Vattenfall.
37: Optimal.
38: Indigo.

Licensed distributors by BSC ID

Licensed distributors that have a four-letter ID:
EELC: Eastern Power Networks.
EMEB: NGED East Midlands.
ETCL: Electricity Network Company.
FEAL: Fulcrum.
FORB: Optimal.
GGEN: Eclipse.
GUCL: Last Mile.
HARL: Harlaxton Energy Networks.
HYDE: Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution.
INDI: Indigo Power Limited.
IPNL: Independent Power Networks.
LENG: ESP Electricity.
LOND: London Power Networks.
MANW: SP Manweb.
MPDL: Mua.
MIDE: NGED West Midlands.
NEEB: Northern Powergrid Northeast.
NORW: Electricity North West.
PENL: Leep Electricity Networks.
SEEB: South Eastern Power Networks.
SOUT: Southern Electric Power Distribution.
SPOW: SP Distribution.
SWAE: NGED South Wales.
SWEB: NGED South West.
UKPD: UK Power Distribution.
VATT: Vattenfall.
YELG: Northern Powergrid Yorkshire.

Licensed DNOs by historic area

Incumbent DNO by GSP Group:
_A Eastern England: Eastern Power Networks.
_B East Midlands: NGED East Midlands.
_C London: London Power Networks.
_D Merseyside and Northern Wales: SP Manweb.
_E West Midlands: NGED West Midlands.
_F North Eastern: Northern Powergrid Northeast.
_G North Western: Electricity North West.
_H Southern England: Southern Electric Power Distribution.
_J South Eastern: South Eastern Power Networks.
_K Southern Wales: NGED South Wales.
_L South Western England: NGED South West.
_M Yorkshire: Northern Powergrid Yorkshire.
_N Southern Scotland: SP Distribution.
_P Northern Scotland: Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution.

Incumbent DNO and GSP Group by transmission charging zone:
1 _P Northern Scotland: Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution.
2 _N Southern Scotland: SP Distribution.
3 _F Northern: Northern Powergrid Northeast.
4 _G North West: Electricity North West.
5 _M Yorkshire: Northern Powergrid Yorkshire.
6 _D N Wales & Mersey: SP Manweb.
7 _B East Midlands: NGED East Midlands.
8 _E Midlands: NGED West Midlands.
9 _A Eastern: Eastern Power Networks.
10 _K South Wales: NGED South Wales.
11 _J South East: South Eastern Power Networks.
12 _C London: London Power Networks.
13 _H Southern: Southern Electric Power Distribution.
14 _L South Western: NGED South West.

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