Model development requests

by Franck Latrémolière on 22 September 2016 (last updated 3 October 2016)

This website includes a spreadsheet generation service which can generate on demand a variety of electricity distribution charging models.

The spreadsheet generation service is built on free software: see the source code on GitHub. The code is licensed under permissive open source licences, mainly the Artistic Licence and the BSD 2-Clause Licence.

I regularly add options to the modelling rules, including cost allocation methods, and to the input datasets (derived from published sources), from my own initiative. This ensures that the spreadsheet generation service remains a useful and up to date resource for those interested in, or affected by, electricity distribution charges.

I also take requests for additional features. There are three main ways in which a request can be progressed:

If, in my opinion, the requested feature is likely to be considered by a regulatory and industry governance organisation as a possible change to DNO charging methodologies, then option 3 is not available. I apply this restriction because I believe that an exclusive licence over code implementing such a feature would be an excessive impediment to transparency.

Please get in touch to make a request or for any further information.