Electricity distribution charging model generator

by Franck Latrémolière

The spreadsheet model generator on dcmf.co.uk lets you create and download Microsoft Excel workbooks related to charging methodologies for the use of electricity distribution systems in England, Wales and Scotland.

To download a workbook, choose a set of rules, and optionally a set of input data with which to pre-populate the model. Datasets are available for all DNO areas and are all taken from published sources. E&OE, no warranties.

Compilations of current and historical DNO data:

Expand section 1CDCM tariff model compilation

Expand section 2CDCM history and forecasting

Expand section 3Method M model compilation

Expand section 4EDCM tariff compilation

Expand section 5EDCM tariff model compilation

Prototype models:

Expand section 6CDCM prototypes

Expand section 7EDCM prototypes

Expand section 8Method M prototypes

Expand section 9Combined CDCM and Method M prototypes

Information on how to make model development requests or sponsor a public feature.

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At the time of writing, the links above (also included in licensed distributor information sheets) contained some of the source data used in building the models from this website.