Method M spreadsheet model generator

Part of the model generation system.

Baseline Method M models
ModelM / Rules from 2020
ModelM / Rules from 2018
ModelM / Rules from 2016
ModelM / Rules from 2014
ModelM / Rules from 2012
ModelM / August 2011 Baseline
ModelM / Rules from 2010

On most devices, the web browser cannot calculate the formulas in the model, so that most cell values will show as blank or zero. To see results, you need to open the model in a suitable spreadsheet app, such as Microsoft Excel.

With some versions of Microsoft Excel, you need to click a button to allow editing before the model will be calculated.

Models work with Microsoft Excel on all platforms, including Excel for iPhone and iPad. Most CDCM and Method M models in .xlsx format also work with Apple's Numbers app for iPhone and iPad, with some cosmetic deficiencies.

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