Privacy policy

by Franck Latrémolière on 29 November 2013

This site does not try to track you.

By default, this site does not use any cookies other than session cookies necessary for features such as download baskets, and displays no advertising or any other third-party content that might enable others to track you.

You can enable some third-party content (such as embedded tweets) on some pages. This will set a simple cookie on dcmf.co.uk to remember your choice, and the third-party content will be subject to the third party's privacy policy.

The server keeps access logs. These logs do not identify you directly, but may contain personal information. I use access logs for statistics and debugging only.

If you use a user account for the secure part of the site, then your actions on the secure part of the site will be recorded for security and audit purposes. At present user accounts are only used for site administration.

Privacy promise: This site does not try to track you. Should I ever want to introduce any kind of user tracking, I will put a prominent notice on each page of the site for at least six weeks before changes come into effect.