Published papers on the EDCM

by Franck Latrémolière on 29 April 2015

Here is a compilation of recent papers related to the EDCM that I have prepared.

These papers are also on my longer list of published papers.

This page only includes papers which I wrote in my own name, and papers in which a client asked me to write my own opinion.

2014 – Satirical papers
The Viaducts (web page):
The Third Pump (web page):
2014 – Papers for DCMF MIG
July 2014 submissions to DCMF MIG EDCM review:
April 2014 EDCM export capacity charges:
2014 – Response to DCUSA consultation
2013 – Papers for DCMF MIG
EDCM papers:
MIG issue forms:
I also wrote a MIG issue form for an issue 65, but I did not frame the issue well and it was closed without a solution.
Draft DCP to solve MIG issue 63 (July 2013) (6 pages, Microsoft Word). This draft DCP proposes the removal of charge 1 from the calculation of EDCM demand tariffs. There is some correspondence related to this draft DCP:
The EDCM workbook generator on this site has some workbooks which might be useful for MIG issue 63 and MIG issue 70.