by Franck Latrémolière

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Vital statistics for electricity distribution in England, Wales and Scotland

The figures below are approximate (for example they do not take proper account of IDNOs and out-of-area networks). They relate to 2014/2015 across England, Wales and Scotland.

The total net distribution revenue is about £5,987 million a year.

This includes £363 million attributable to network rates and £233 million attributable to transmission connection exit charges.

This total net distribution revenue can be analysed as:

The generation credit estimate is based on 7.6 billion units.

CDCM charges can be further analysed as:

Coincidence correction factors

CDCM coincidence correction factors

Other calculations

Impact of DCP 123 on half-hourly users who do not consume at peak time,

HV continuous distribution and transmission

Large HV continuous

Standard domestic 3,800 kWh

See also EDCM boundary, model generator and links.

Ofgem costs

Regulatory cost explosion statistics