Privacy implications of embedded Twitter messages

I use Twitter @DcmfFranck, and I occasionally quote the text of my tweets on this site. It looks something like this:

On Twitter: Show full tweets subject to a cookie and Twitter's privacy policy.

If the box is not ticked, the tweet appears as plain text, with a link to Twitter. If you use a link to navigate to the Twitter website, privacy is a matter between you and Twitter.

If the box is ticked, the display of the tweet on my page will be controlled by Twitter, as an embedded tweet. This embedded content is subject to Twitter's privacy policy, not to my privacy policy.

Ticking the checkbox will set a cookie to allow dcmf.co.uk to remember your setting. This cookie contains nothing that can identify you. You can disable embedding of Twitter content and delete this cookie at any time by unticking the checkbox above.

Franck Latrémolière