WPD West Midlands EDCM tariffs for Drayton Manor

This article was published on 5 January 2017 in data bulletins. It has not been updated and might not reflect the current position. E&OE.

In WPD West Midlands, there are 15 new EDCM tariffs for 2018/2019 which have the following characteristics:

The tariff names are:

It looks like these sites include the large solar farm at Drayton Manor Farm, presumably split into sub-5MW chunks.

It is surprising that WPD West Midlands should have assessed these generators as providing non-zero support to its distribution network. The relevant EDCM rules for this assessment are quoted below.

5.35 The Network Demand Data (Generation) element of the Maximum Demand Data shall be constructed with generation output set at zero unless the generation can be considered to have a contribution to security of supply under ER P2/6, in which case the ER P2/6 level of export shall be modelled.

5.36 The contribution of distributed generation to security of supply is dealt with in ER P2/6 through the application of F factors. Each distributed generator is assigned an F factor and this represents the percentage of the generator’s declared net capacity that can be considered when assessing network security. ER P2/6 also uses the term ‘Persistence’ to reduce the F factor for intermittent generation, as the time period (in hours) for which its contribution to security is being assessed increases. Table 2-4 of ER P2/6 recommends values of ‘Persistence’; these values are dependent on the demand class being assessed. The value of ‘Persistence’ to be used for intermittent generation will be as stated in Table 2-4 of ER P2/6 for ‘Other outage’, using the maximum GSP (or GSP groups’) demand instead of the demand class of the demand group.

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