Papers on electricity network charges and access

by Franck Latrémolière

Here is a compilation of my papers and presentations on electricity network charges and related matters.

2018 – Articles
Amazon would be a good buyer for SSE + npower (7 pages, PDF) (also published on LinkedIn and in The Energyst).
2017 – Articles on electricity network charges
Is electricity “demand response” a loyalty-inducing discount? (LinkedIn).
Methods to manage capacity constraints (7 pages, PDF).
Response to large in-feed loss (LinkedIn mini-series):
Part 1Part 2Part 3.
Why does TURPE overcharge flat loads? (LinkedIn).
Peak and off-peak electricity distribution charges (6 pages, PDF).
Opinion: Can Ofgem expect to win the Triad judicial review? (The Energyst).
Privatise Costs, Socialise Benefits (4 pages, PDF).
Ofgem rejects CMP261 (2 pages, PDF).
What success might look like for the targeted charging review (7 pages, PDF).
2016 – Distribution charging methodology issues
About the GRUF element in contribution factor calculations (single page, PDF)
2015 – Responses to DCUSA consultations
DCP 115 response (2 pages, Microsoft Word).
DCP 160 response (2 pages, Microsoft Word).
2014 – Satirical papers
The Viaducts (web page).
The Third Pump (web page).
The Third Pump transcript (8 pages, PDF).
2014 – Papers for DCMF MIG
That formula for the pre-tax cost of capital is not right (3 pages, Microsoft Word).
Draft DCP on applicability of LDNO tariffs in CDCM and EDCM (Microsoft Word)
Draft legal text on applicability of LDNO tariffs in CDCM and EDCM (PDF)
July 2014 submissions to DCMF MIG EDCM review:
April 2014 EDCM export capacity charges:
April 2014 CDCM rate of return:
2014 – DCP 211, DCP 214 and Ofgem licence exempt networks forum
Papers for Ofgem's licence exempt networks forum:
Ofgem granted my request for designation (PDF). The change proposal is DCP 211 (PDF). The DCUSA panel refused urgency, and the proposal is making progress in a committee: see DCUSA transparency.
DCP 214:
2014 – Responses to DCUSA consultations
2013 – Papers for DCMF MIG
EDCM papers:
MIG issue forms:
I also wrote a MIG issue form for an issue 65, but I did not frame the issue well and it was closed without a solution.
Draft DCP to solve MIG issue 63 (July 2013) (6 pages, Microsoft Word). This draft DCP proposes the removal of charge 1 from the calculation of EDCM demand tariffs. There is some correspondence related to this draft DCP:
The EDCM workbook generator on this site has some workbooks which might be useful for MIG issue 63 and MIG issue 70.
2013 – Responses to DCUSA consultations
2013 – Magazine article
2012 – Paper for DCMF MIG
MIG paper on the history of revenue matching in the CDCM (8 pages, Microsoft Word).
2012 – Response to DCUSA consultation
Peel Ports response to DCUSA consultation on DCP 114 and DCP 115:
2011 – Response to Ofgem consultation
Response to Ofgem's consultation on EDCM for generation (8 pages, PDF).
Context for this document:
2010 – Satirical papers
Fictional short story:
I published nothing interesting in 2009.
2008 – Critique of the original LRIC approach commissioned by the G3 group of electricity distributors:
The specific criticism in these documents does not apply to the form of LRIC that was implemented as part of the EDCM, thanks to the "capping" process introduced in LRIC during the development of the EDCM.

This page includes papers which I wrote in my own name, and papers in which a client asked me to write my own opinion. It excludes some papers where the deal was that I wrote what the client wanted, rather than what I thought.